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5,417 Businesses Use Cubit to Wrangle Data.

Data Services

Choose the services you need for your project.

Sourcing Data

We identify the most current & accurate data to answer your questions from government sources or private databases.

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Cleaning Data

We turn disorganized information into beautiful rows and columns of accessible numbers that you can query. 


We organize data from different sources into tables that can be joined so that you can look at your data from different perspectives and years.

Spatial Analysis

We use GIS applications for tasks such as geocoding, intersections and drive time analyses to answer your "where is this happening?" questions.

Experts in Census Data 

We have in-house tools that accelerate your analysis of Census data like producing demographic estimates for a 5 miles radius around a location.

Data Visualizations

We have over 15 years of experience doing data design and visualizations for companies using big data such as Dun & Bradstreet and Daimler.

Online, Interactive Maps

We've built over 200 interactive maps for our clients in the past 5 years that help them solve problems such as where to locate new businesses.  

Quality Assurance (QA) 

We double check each project using a 4 step QA process so that you can be confident that your data and visualizations are accurate.

Meet Our Founders

photo: Kristen

Kristen Carney, Co-Founder

Kristen sources data from hundreds of public and private data soures. She has spent over 15 years in data research including time as Socio-Eonomist and Project Manager.  

photo: Anthony

Anthony Morales, Co-Founder

Anthony builds the technology behind Cubit. He has more than 15 years of experience in design and programming including work for Dun & Bradstreet and Daimler.

What Our Clients Say

"There are still a few companies that know how to show genuine customer service. Cubit goes way over the top."

-Tim Kroeker

"Their customer service alone is worth whatever price they might be charging you. I recommend their services 100%".

-Armando Kirwin 

"I am just too busy to garner this needed data any other way. It truly would have taken hours of an employee's time or my own to get this much information."

-Steven Silva

"I have found an outstanding team that was able to help me collect the data that was necessary for my project. Kristen was amazing! She did everything... to help me collect the data that I needed.."

-Adrijan Zuza